It’s Time for Something Else

Can’t escape the lure of conduct and apparel.
Risk nothing, spend some cash, and Vanity Fair will
pay it all back. All in good time, just wait, keep running the race to the finish line.
Soon enough you’ll be where you should, where those around you would if they could.
Patience is a virtue but impulse can flirt too.
Marathons are all about who ends up on top, just like the stocks or stacking Lincoln Logs.


Chase a dream; dream American, dream.
Know the themes and crush the petty things that make you go weak
and cause your heart to bleed.
The things that make you someone else, someone you would show and tell
if you had the strength to see, if you had the means to be, if you had the eyes to weep.

This childhood man that you had planned,
leave him buried in the sand with a raised sworn hand.
He’s just a nuisance, not influenced by this new sense
of knowledge, tolerance, bondage, homage: our response
to ‘enlightened insight’, it won the fight, declares its right, making proselytes,
overwhelming sound and sight, like fireworks in the sky at night

Safety is as safety does,
let the buzz of worldly ruts keep your eyes behind the dust and off the rust.
Burn out, rust out: it’s all the same, both roads have led to fame.
One will cause you pain, the other keep you sane…

But if One paved a way, if He gave to save,
then He’s the gate, He’s the Real Saint, the truly Famed
who came to take away, not our pain, but our self-claimed fame,
He came to make us brave, not to keep us safe.
He came to give us grace and make HIMSELF great.
It’s His Name, His game, we play it His way, He created this day for His sake and our gain.

Every man dies, does every man live? To live is Christ, and He lived to give.
So what’s your goal? What’s your god? What’s the hill you would die on?
Name your price, fight THAT fight, live then die, and tell me why you crucified
your family, health and even self, all in the name of ‘Fleeting Wealth’
Isn’t it time for something else?

I won’t ask you to trade feast for fast, first for last, precious stone for shattered glass
Rather, exchange a broken system, where you’re the victim
selling godly wisdom for man-made freedom.
Place your treasure in something better, unfettered, unweathered,
it’s your serve in this game of tether, accept the invitation letter.

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