Top 10 Articles of 2017

For several years now I’ve been somewhat depressed off and on because I had this hole in my life and I couldn’t figure out how to fill it. All I knew is that it was a sense of purposelessness.

This year I made a decision that changed that. I decided to really begin taking my writing seriously and just see what would come of it. The Lord has definitely surprised me with how blessed I have been.

If I could give you the one lesson I’ve learned this year it would be, do what is in front of you.

I could have pursued a lot of different things. I’ve always wanted to speak, I love writing songs, and I enjoy writing as well (although writing was at the bottom of the list). But this year I decided to just pursue what was in front of me.

There’s no use in waiting for an opportunity to fall into your lap. It almost certainly will not happen. Instead, pursue the thing you actually have access to. For me, that was a blog, and I’m amazed at how God has used it this year.

I would love to hear what that thing is for you. Shoot me an email or let me know in the comments bellow.

Without further ado, here are my top 10 articles from 2017.

10. How questioning Genesis 1 might save your faith (Genesis 1 of 3)

9. Why We Don’t Need Church Anymore.

8. Jesus was a Pharisee: Stop defending your Tribe

7. Give up on being happy (How to increase your hope)

6. Should Christians Cuss?

5. Our greatest sin against the LGBT

4. 2 Words That Could End Your Marriage

3. 6 lies we believe about our calling

2. You Will Never Win Your Fight Against Porn.

1. You’re not as pro-life as you think you are.

BONUS: I also wrote an ebook this year called Motley Tribe: Real Community Is Not Ideal. You can have it for free when you sign up for my email list.

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