It’s ok to be honest about your doubts

I don’t know why, but for a group of people who wear a label like “Christian” with such pride, we are not a very honest bunch.

And the times that we need each other most, when we are really struggling with doubt or sin or whatever else, are often the times that we hide behind our masks and try to look more like Jesus than we really are.

I talked about this recently in an article I wrote for And what I said in the article was, “Ultimately we are not honest about our doubts because we’re afraid of being judged.”

But being honest with who we really are what we are struggling with is vital to our faith. We could all stand to be more honest with God, each other, and even ourselves when it comes to our doubts.

It’s important to remember that, “People don’t need you to be strong. What people really need is for you to have the courage to be vulnerable…”

Read the whole article HERE.


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