The good thing about being a lousy dad.

I have to be honest. I’ve been really impatient with my son lately. And when I say impatient I mean, on a scale from 1 to 10, I’m somewhere between “STAHP!” and “What are you, a three-year-old?” (He is, by the way). It’s easy to overanalyze and ask myself why I’m acting this way. Maybe … Continue reading The good thing about being a lousy dad.

Confessions of an ex-world changer.

For five years I was a part of a large and thriving ministry. During my last two years at that ministry I traveled across the country helping lead worship at their youth conference for several thousand teenagers every weekend. It was a rush, all the time. But something happens when you leave a place like … Continue reading Confessions of an ex-world changer.

Is Jesus A Democrat Or A Republican?

Have you ever wondered if Jesus lived in the 21st century, where would He land on the political spectrum? Would He identify as a Republican or a Democrat or something else? What issues would He be concerned about? Who would He vote for? What actions or character flaws would disqualify a candidate from earning His … Continue reading Is Jesus A Democrat Or A Republican?

What Peace On Earth?

It would be an understatement to say we’ve had a hard year. From massive hurricanes, wild fires and earthquakes, to mass shootings, white supremacist demonstrations and the #metoo movement, 2017 has been far from what you might call a good year. And now here we are in the Christmas season. Are we really just supposed … Continue reading What Peace On Earth?